CLAW is a new metal band from Geneva, Switzerland. The band’s songs and imagery are heavily influenced by post-apocalpytic themes: the end of the world has happened, but the music remains…

Drawing its inspiration from old-school thrash and heavy metal bands such as MEGADETH, METALLICA, KREATOR, PARADISE LOST, CLAW strives to push the genre forward with its focus on songwriting , memorable riffs and melodies.

CLAW also has a strong visual identity: using costumes, backdrops and visual effects, the band wishes to create a true post-apocalyptic experience for the audience, reminiscent of movies such as MAD MAX, THE ROAD, or the FALLOUT videogame series.

CLAW will release its self-titled debut on October 6th 2014. The album has been recorded and mixed by Serge Morattel (KNUT, ZATOKREV, LOFOFORA), who is also a member of the band. A video for the track “Out of the Vault” has been filmed and will come out later this August to support the release.
The End… is just the Beginning!


Niko Prensilevich

vocals – guitar


Serge Morattel

rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals


Bruce Borgeaud

lead guitar


Oscar Martensson

bass guitar


Jean aka GLYCY