Album release show on February the 26th

We’ll make our album release show this Thursday at la gravière (Geneva). Check this link for more informations : 

As always, we’ll make our best to make it feel like a true post-apocalyptic experience

Hope to see you there !

Reviews, Interviews and a radio interview for CLAW

Last week, Niko and Serge were on couleur 3 radio for a one-hour interview about CLAW. We really appeciated it and we hope metalheads from our land listened to it !

You can listen to it right there. It begins at 01:23:00 :


After their nice review, the german website also interviewed Niko about our album and how it was made. You can find it here. We looking forward to play in Germany because they really seem to like what we do !


We also had two other french reviews from and Both were really motivating for us and we hope we’ll see them at our next gigs !


Stay Tuned for more news and reviews !

Tons of reviews for CLAW !

Our album came out a month ago and we surprinsigly have a lot of reviews from magazines, fanzines, websites and more ! The best part is that they’re from all around the world and everyone really appreciate our album ! It means a lot for us that people appreciate our work and we’ll continue on this way to get as far as possible, for you. Thank you so much !

Here’s a little compilation of these reviews and some quotes : (US)

« Not every thrash song has to beat the listener over the head and Claw do an admirable job throughout this entire album in varying the mood appropriately. They carry the story quite well and allow the mood of the narrator to dictate the mood of the song. » (US)

« Fans of Megadeth and Metallica in particular will find many familiar and welcome elements with Claw. » (US)

« Jon Schaffer would do well to listen to a song like “Out of the Vault” as an example of how to balance groove, thrash and strong vocal harmonies into a punchy yet accessible whole ». (US)

« The guys in the band come off as a pack of waste-landers straight out of the aforementioned Mad Max films. » (US/DEU)

« I have to say that CLAW definitely know how to write ear candies and catching lead guitar motives while including a nice groove to bang one’s head. » (DEU)

« Neben ALGEBRA und BAGHEERA eine der neueren Combos aus der Schweiz, die man als Trasher gehört haben muss. Ich sehe schon die Matten kreisen. ».      (DEU)

« CLAW ist ein wirklich stimmiges Gesamtpaket und hat Gehör verdient. »   (DEU)

« Musikalisch muss man besonders das Songwriting loben, denn wie bei allem, gehen sie sehr gewissenhaft und durchstrukturiert zu Werke. Und keine Sorge, industrielle oder kalte Klänge gibt es hier nicht zu hören, denn dieses war auch meine Befürchtung, sondern eine gute Mischung aus Thrash und Heavy Metal. »

 « Fans von Megadeth können bedenkenlos zugreifen. » (FR)

« Difficile de sortir un titre plutôt qu’un autre dans cette leçon de (thrash) metal, « Claw » est d’une maturité étonnante pour un premier album. » (FR)

« Claw est un groupe comme on aimerait en découvrir plus souvent, car si il ne va pas réinventer le metal il nous offre un skeud « in your face », sans blabla, bardé de riffs en béton armé jusqu’aux dents et d’hymnes en puissance. A une époque où la course à la technique et aux morceaux toujours plus froids (oui c’est à toi, djent, que je m’adresse) Claw est une véritable bouffée d’air frais qui sent la passion et le travail. »      


Stay tuned ! Don’t forget to check our clip !



Claw in #92 Legacy Magazine

We’re proud to announce that Claw is in Legacy, one of the greatest metal magazine from Germany. Featuring one interview and a review of our album !


f20fd2def870c878f2b78262ace19bee_XLClaw Legazy Itw

Stay Tuned for more reviews !

CLAW is in n°147 ROCK HARD France magazine !

CLAW is on the sampler of the latest ROCK HARD France magazine as the discovery of the month !!! Alongside bands like Exodus, At The Gates or Devin Thousand Project !!

The magazine is available since the 9th of October in any french stores.

You can also get it online at


CLAW Out of the Vault video released!

We’re proud to release our first video today! Check it out below and share it with your friends!

CLAW to release « Out of the Vault » single and video in september

We’ll be debuting our first video in a couple of days on our official Youtube Channel, but before that, take a look at the teaser below :

CLAW to release debut album on CZAR OF BULLETS

Are you into Mad Max and Megadeth? Then this is definitely gonna be your thing. CLAW is Switzerlands’ latest heavy thrash metal band. Their songs and imagery are heavily influenced by post-apocalpytic themes: the end of the world has happened, but the music remains…

Drawing its inspiration from old-school thrash and heavy metal bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, Kreator or Paradise Lost, CLAW strives to push the genre forward with its focus on songwriting, memorable riffs and melodies.

CLAW support their muscial creation by their visual identity: using costumes, backdrops and visual effects, the band creates a true post-apocalyptic experience for the audience, reminiscent of movies such as Mad Max, The Road or the Fallout videogame series.

Czar Of Bullets is proud to release their self-titled debut album in early fall 2014. The album has been recorded and mixed by Serge Morattel (Knut, Zatokrev, Lofofora), who also plays the guitar in the band. More news and details to be announced soon.



Listen their super smashing song “Out Of The Vault” here.


Website Launch

Welcome to our official website! We’re proud to launch our website,
We hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Read the latest news, sample our music, watch our videos… It’s all here, official and straight from the source.
Thanks for droping by…